Permacolour Flocrete Bag.jpg

Flocrete Decorative Concrete

A polymer modified cementitious spray on topping material for renovating existing concrete surfaces. Commonly refered to as "Covercrete", "Spray-Pave" or "Concrete Topping".

Our Flocrete Is Single pack, just add water, nothing else!

We also have a full range of accessories available: eg. Filament tapes, masking plastic, hopper guns etc.

Available in a large variety of colours in 20kg bags.

All of our flocrete & colour harderner products contain the colour oxide - built in.

Benefits include:

  • Large cost savings over replacing `tired looking' concrete
  • Flocrete provides superior compressive, tensile and flexural strengths giving extra life to concrete
  • Installation is applicable to both commercial and residential situations, interior or exterior, horizontal or vertical
  • Flocrete will bind to any cementitious product
  • Textures can be varied to suit different applications ie. Smooth indoor textures or anti-slip textures for steep driveways or pool surrounds