Fillament Tape
Strong woven & cross woven fibre reinforced tapes used for creating tile, random & border patterns in Flocrete overlay
Available in 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 & 48mm width. All Fillament tape is 45m long.

Covering Tape
Is used for masking up walls to protect surfaces, available in 2 sizes, 1220mm & 610mm height is 50m long.



We have the following additives available:

Thrown on between coats of sealer to produce Anti-slip surface. Because anti-slip is thrown on, you can control how much or little is on each area (eg stairs, near a pool etc). Available in 1kg bags.


Mixed directly into sealer, remains suspended in form during sealing process, this provides even distribution of Non-Skid throughout sealer application. Available in 280gm bags, suitable for 20L drums of sealer.

Hydrochloric acid
5L & 20L containers available