Pattern Stamped Concrete Application Process

Pattern Stamped Concrete produces the real look of slate, stone and Brick Textures in a three dimensional multi-tone effect. A vast range of patterns and colours is available.

How is it done?


Step 1

Two coats of Perma-Colour dry shake colour hardener is applied to freshly screeded and bullfloated concrete.


Step 2

When the coloured concrete has firmed but is still in the `plastic' stage of set, Perma-Colour release agent is broadcast over the surface and then stamped with Perma-Colour textured pattern stamps.


Step 3

The concrete is left to cure, then excess release agent is removed by pressure washer, concrete washed and then sealer is applied by broom, roller or spray after drying.


Benefits Include:

  • Small extra cost over plain concrete in order to achieve a permanent decorative finish

  • Tougher surface than normal concrete due to surface hardening qualities of Perma-Colour colour hardener - resulting in a higher surface MPA rating


  • Surface hardness: between 7 & 8 on MOHS scale (Note 7 = quartz)

  • Low maintenance - no dirt, oil, algae penetration

  • Uv light stable colours

  • The real look of slate, stone and brick but with the structural integrities of concrete

  • Average abraded volume as BDRI test method B6 -
    Appendix C = 1.85 cm3
    Comparitive results:
    20 MPA concrete pavers: average abraded volume = 9.6
    60 MPA concrete pavers: average abraded volume = 1.2

  • Skid resistance test AS/NZS 3661.1
    Sample: pattern concrete sealed with non-slip additive -> average skid resistance value of 61