Permacolour Colour Hardener Bag.jpg

Colour hardener

A dry shake mix of pure silica sands, cements, iron oxide pigments and special chemical additives, that is broadcast over wet concrete and trowelled in to colour the concrete.

This allows either an entire batch of concrete to be changed to another colour or the top finishing layer.

Available in a large variety of colours in 20kg bags.

All of our flocrete & colour harderner products contain the colour oxide - built in.

Benefits Include:

  • Small extra cost over plain concrete in order to achieve a permanent decorative finish

  • Tougher surface than normal concrete due to surface hardening qualities of Perma-Colour colour hardener - resulting in a higher surface MPA rating

if you are interested in ordering colour hardener, please give us a call prior to ensure stock availability. 

It only takes us a day or so to make the mix up & we don't want you to be left short for a project. Thank you!

Priced from 34.95