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Concrete Sealer

Perma-Colour concrete sealers are specially formulated to seal and protect concrete surfaces, providing a low maintenance stain, oil and dirt resistant barrier.

Available in drums of 5L, 20L & 200L (for other sizes please contact us)

Tinted coloured sealer available in a range of colours - they allow you to roll over existing concrete finishes to alter colours. We can also colour match most colours.

    We have a range of sealers available for every application, including:

    • Solvent based acrylic sealers including variations for 'same day' sealing and resealing
    • Water based acrylic sealers and floor finishes
    • Ultra tough high gloss nonyellowing polyurathane sealers & Anti Graffiti polyurathane sealers
    • Water based and 100% Epoxy sealers

    We also stock solvent (Xylene based) - allowing for the removal of sealer and cleaning of tools. For information regarding using solvent as a sealer remover please contact us.

    If you plan to use this sealer around your pool or wet area, consider using one of our additives to allow for a non slip / non skid surface.

    SDS Sheets available upon request.


    2000SD (Same Day)



    Thin Clear Solvent Based Liquid

    Thin Clear Solvent Based Liquid

    Solids Content

    Approx 20-21%

    Approx 25-26%

    Minimum Application Temp

    10 degrees C

    10 degrees C

    Minimum Film Thickness

    63 Microns

    63 Microns

    Consumption Rate

    6m2 / litre / coat

    6m2 / litre / coat