Patina Acid Stain

Patina stains are designed to etch and penetrate a concrete substrate, to react chemically with its existing free lime and to leave permanent insoluble coloured precipitates in the pores of the substrate.

Patina concrete stains provide naturally variegated colours, similar to the oxidation through time of a copper roof, an artists patination of an iron sculpture and the creation by water and wind of desert varnish.

Therefore broad colour variations are not a defect but are in fact the reason for selecting this method of colouration. These stains are not paints or coatings and do not cover up but, rather they work with the existing substrate.

Additional colours to the 8 colour range can be yielded by working over Perma-Colour colour hardened or skim coated substrates. Patina stain can be used on plain concrete to give a Patina affect.

Overlaying different acid colours can yield a wide range of results, eg. Watering back a black Patina can give the entire finish a darkened look - Or washing the acid off earlier can lead to a lighter looking finish. They're very variable in their application. Refer to our Patina Blog Post for more commonly asked questions.

Patina Acid Stain is also known as Concrete Stain or Concrete Acid Stain.


  • Economical, durable, versatile, elegant, easy to maintain

  • Large cost savings over similar looking traditional flooring systems like marble

  • Colour is deposited by chemical reaction under the surface and will not fade, chip, crack or peel

  • The colour pattern produced is unique to each concrete surface and cannot be duplicated

  • Patina stain transforms an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious floor, resembling marble or glazed stone. Stained and scored, it creates unique and expensive looking flooring at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods

Available in 5, 10 & 20L containers.

We are the only Australian manufacturers of genuine patina stain, it is not mixed with coloured dyes, it is a genuine chemical reaction to the substrate.

Colours Available (Black also available):

New Colour Range: