Decorative Concrete Specalists & Concreters Warehouse

Perma-Colour Australia are manufacturers, distributors & exporters of all materials relating to the decorative concrete industry.

All processes are suitable for interior or exterior, residential or commercial, patios, driveways, roadways, pool surrounds & pathways - anywhere there is a need for decorative concrete with a more durable and low maintenance surface.
Our products can be easily adapted to any concrete design.

We are one of Australia's leading manufacturers of decorative concrete products, having established this position over a 30 year period of contracting, manufacturing, sales, export and development, with a commitment to customer service and technical support for our products.

We are easily able to adapt our products to work within your Concrete flooring design.



An example of exterior Flocrete application on a backyard patio area, This pattern was completed using a selection of tapes &  a single stencil centre piece. A very simple design but leaving a wonderful finished product on the concrete.

Colour Hardener

An example of stamped concrete using colour hardener. Colour hardener can be used in a vairity of techniques, from throwing on and trowling, to mixing in with base concrete to colour the entire mix.

Patina acid Stain

An example of Patina Concrete Acid Stain sprayed onto concrete board and mounted vertically. Patina Acid stain colours the underlying concrete substrate - allowing for beautiful patterns as shown here.