About Us

We are an Australian owned and operated Concrete Manufacturing warehouse, we have been located at 46 Moss Street, Slacks Creek for over 30 years catering to both tradesmen and the general public.

We manufacture and sell all decorative concrete products, from Stamping mats, Sealers, Stencils & Patina Acid Stains in our factory at Moss Street. Our products are able to be shipped world-wide - Contact us for information. Haz codes available on our Shipping & Freight page.

We pride ourselves on the fact at we have used all of our products - and will work through any issues or questions you may have about them, or their application to your work area. There is a reason why we keep getting customers from the big suppliers, they simply do not use their own products.

Come down to speak to our staff, and have a look at the showroom!